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What is your actual name?


My real name is Taniquelle Tulipano. It’s pronounced “Tah-knee-kell” “Tulip-arno”. Taniquelle is the name I was born with and actually has nothing to do with where I’m from or my heritage. It’s from a science fiction book and the spelling was changed. Tulipano is my married surname and is Italian.


Where are you from?


If you are talking about where I was born then it’s Hammersmith, England. If you are referring to heritage then I am of mostly English descent with a very small amount of Irish.


What inspires you?


Having goals inspire me. Something at the end of tunnel spurs me on. And to get the writing juices flowing music helps, especially modern new wave.


When will we see the other things you’re writing?


I can’t really say when but there are projects lined up for after The Monstrum Vampire Series has been completed. I have about 12 different writing projects that need working on. For more information on up coming releases please check out Up Coming Releases. For projects please check out my Goodreads Page as there are a few listed over there.


Are you married?


I’m not too sure why I get asked this question as much as I do but yes, I’m married. Very happily married at that.


Do you have any children?


Yes I do.


What is up with Raphael? He’s pretty evil but then is in love with Rosannah.


Raphael is a vampire. While vampires may be fictional characters they aren’t all nice. Even a beast can find love.


Will Raphael and Rosannah have a HEA?


That would be telling.


Are The Execution Officer and The Monstrum Vampire Series similar with one bringing about the other?


No they’re not. While The Execution Officer is adult romance it is not paranormal in any way.


Why do we have to wait for the next Monstrum book?


I understand the frustration of finishing a book with a cliff hanger and searching for the next book only to find out you have to wait. I’ve been there and it sucks serious balls, but I can only write when the characters talk to me. I never force them. I want the books to be the best they can so I’d rather take the time to get them ready than release them when they’re not.