Deleted Scenes

Dead Beginnings


Alternative to some of chapter 30 and 32.


Originally Reggie was called Mathias Regius and Mathias was called Dracula. I decided to drop Dracula’s name and instead took Mathias’s name and so Dracula became Mathias and Mathias Regius became Regius or Reggie for short. In this deleted segment Rosannah comes to a much different fate. One I decided against.


WARNING: Not only is this not for the faint hearted and those over the age of 18 it is also FULL of mistakes. It has had NO editing or proofreading WHATSOEVER.


I don’t want to get caught alone with Raphael and he’ll be seeing everyone off with Evangeline. I walk into my room and close the door behind me and turn the light on. I turn around and there’s Mathius sat on my bed. “I’ve been waiting for you” He grins at me. “But I just saw you” I say confused. “Ah, well we move a lot more faster than you humans do so for me I’ve been waiting a while”  I go to open the door behind me. He’s in front of me in a split second. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” and he flings me over to the other side of the room and is in front of me instantly again. He goes to kiss me and I move away. He’s revolting and I don’t want his lips on me. He slaps me hard across my face and I gasp at the pain. He grabs me by the throat and squeezes gently. “Now, lets see if I can teach you a lesson shall we” and he starts to make little cuts on my neck. “Ah” “Shhh, wouldn’t want loverboy to hear you yet. No, no. I want him to hear me make you scream when I’m on top of you” He grins and I try to struggle. He grabs my throat tighter and throw me on the bed. I take the opportunity to scream and scream as loud as I can. Mathius’ face drops and he dives onto me slashing with his nails at me dress. “I’m going to torure you and then rape you and then kill you you little whore.” He says through gritted teeth. I can feel sharp slices in my thighs and and a very sharp pain in my neck. I scream in pain. Suddenly the door bursts open and Mathius is ripped off of me. I see the blood on his mouth. He bit me! Porticus and Vladimir grab Mathius off of Raphael and they yell at him to go to me. I feel weak and everything starts to get blurry. “What did that bastard do? I’ll Kill him! Oh God no, he bit her! Evangeline he bit her!” I can hear the sheer panic in his voice. “Raphael wrap her in the duvet and take her to your room and I’ll get the doctor” and with that I pass out.


After what seemed like a split second of complete silence and darkness I wake up. It’s bright and sunny. I’m don’t seam to be in pain and I’m in some Minnie mouse pjs. “Doctor she’s awake” I hear Evangelines voice. A vampire I’ve never seen before comes and sits on the bed next to me and grabs my arm to check my pulse. He gives Evangeline a grim expression. I don’t understand, I feel fantastic. The doctor looks at me. “My dear, you’ve been in a coma for three weeks” “Three?” I manage to get out. “Yes. You nearly died but thankfully you made it through unfortunately I have some rather bad news for you. You see you were bitten while you were attacked and well now you’re a Vampire. Well half Vampire. It will take a little time before the change is complete to stage one and eventually over time you will eventually become a full vampire.” He said gravely. “But surely you can reverse it” I said with tears welling up in my eyes. “I’m afraid my child we cannot. We have scientists working on a way to stop the changing process but at this moment in time they have not yet been successful” “But, I don’t want to be a Vampire, I can’t be a vampire!” I started crying. Evangeline put her arms around me as I sobbed. “Thank you doctor” She said as he left. I looked across the room to where Raphael was. He looked incredibly sad and distant. Even in my own turmoil I couldn’t help but feel the need to comfort him. “Could I be alone please, with Raphael. I need to talk to him” Evangeline looked shock but she got up and left. Raphael walked over to his bed and sat down. “Thank you” I whispered. “For what?” He looked confused. “For saving me” I smiled. “From that disgusting creep?” He roared and got up and threw one of his chairs across the room. It smashed into a thousand pieces. He came to my side and dropped to the floor next to me and started crying. “I am so sorry” he sobbed. “For what?” “It’s all my fault you were attacked and now you are doomed to be one of us” “Well it’s certainly your fault I’m at your mansion but it isn’t your fault what he did, heck I can’t even remember what he did but I remember you running over to me just before I passed out” He grimaced. Evangeline comes through the door. “What happened?” she looked concerned and then saw Raphael. “Oh, er, I’ll leave you to it” and she left closing the door behind her.


The Lost Brother


Originally I had Nicholas kidnap Rosannah instead of having his chat with her at her apartment. It was over kill to have her kidnapped twice (she’s later kidnapped by another character) so I changed this.


WARNING: The following segments haven’t been edited or proofread so they will be FULL of mistakes.


Different ending to Chapter 30


I get as far as the coffee table before a cool hand clamps over my mouth. I try to scream but it’s useless. I’m slung over a hard shoulder and whisked off at speed. Before I know it I’m set on my feet and pushed forwards. I stumble a few steps and take in my surroundings. I’m on a very high roof top and when I turn to see my kidnapper I’m shocked to see that it’s a grey eyed Nicholas.


Different ending to Chapter 32


“Nicholas?” I call to him. He turns and looks at me, “It’s good to have you back” I say. Nicholas gives me a cheeky grin and jumps over the edge.

I run across the rooftop to an open door and once I make my way down and outside I don’t quite recognise where I am. It takes me a good twenty minutes to figure out how to get back home.

Once I reach my door I’m surprised to hear a voice coming from inside my apartment. It must be Raphael. He’s got to be worried sick about me! I open the door and rush inside.

“Raphael I’m so sor” I stop mid sentence. There’s someone very familiar sat on my couch. I recognise them instantly but their light grey eyes are very, very new. “Y-you can’t p-possibly be a v-vampire” I say with a stutter. They only reply with a smile that has me feeling very uneasy. They are at me in the blink of an eye and before I know it they have flung me over their shoulder and are dashing out of my apartment at speed, slamming my front door shut behind them.