Princess of the Dark (Monstrum #3)


Princess of the Dark






978-0993562662 (Paperback)

978-0993562679 (Kindle Edition)

978-0993562686 (EPUB)



Bella Tulip Publishing (Paperback 26th May 2016 & Digital 28th May 2016)



“You two will certainly star the next time I flick the bean. You are both drop dead gorgeous,” she admits while she’s still under the influence of Lawrence’s brainwashing.

“If only you knew the half of it,” Lawrence flirts. I punch Lawrence in the arm faster than Nora can register. “I think Raphael here would love to hear anything else you may have to say,” he says and sidesteps away from me.

“I hate you,” I whisper to him as Nora starts talking, until she is cut off by Lawrence’s reply.

“Such anger Raphael. I think you have a problem.”

“Yes, it’s called Lawrence,” I say through gritted teeth.



Raphael and Rosannah have been through the wringer, but surely, it’s almost over now? They have been through so much together; what more can possibly be thrown at them? Something that has been bubbling below the surface since they first met is about to boil over. Someone, who has had a close eye on Rosannah, has a diabolical scheme up their sleeve and will risk everything to see their plan succeed. Hell is about to knock on the Monstrum’s front door and with it, secrets will surface, lives will be lost, and irreparable damage will be left in the wake of disaster. The darkness is descending and when the shadows clear, who will be left standing and who will be left by the wayside? But most importantly, will anybody be victorious?

Contains adult themes and sexually explicit content. Not for the faint hearted. Contains cliffhangers.