Dead Beginnings (Monstrum #1)


Dead Beginnings



B00TT2RXSW ISBN: 978-1500511081



Bella Tulip Publishing (18th February 2015) & CreateSpace (20th February 2015)



He stalks forward on slow nimble feet. A stance he looks completely natural and at home in. His body language says that he can go in for the kill at any moment, like a snake waiting to strike a venomous bite. But yet, his hands are held out in front of him, palms up, almost in surrender. Wrapping the pretence of weakness around him like a cloak.

“Now, look, Harry, we can do this the easy way,” he half smiles, “or we can do this the hard way.” His voice is smooth, deep, and confident but has an incredibly darker underlying edge. This isn’t the same man I was talking with ten minutes ago, this is someone entirely different. What the hell is going on?

“Raph, I don’t want any trouble,” Harry pleads, pushing his hands out towards Raphael. But something tells me that won’t ward him off.

“You don’t get to call me Raph!” he booms and opens his mouth to reveal two extremely sharp and very pointy extended fangs. It makes me jump and gasp. He turns to face me, his fangs nowhere to be seen, and his eyes a light grey once more. “What is it with people and the word ‘wait’?” he asks quickly staring into space.

“How could I not hear that?” I ask incredulously. He glares menacingly at Harry, who whimpers then turns the look on me. I stand frozen unable to move. My feet rooted, feeling as one with the wooden floor. All my energy has rushed to my brain, which is in overdrive, trying to make sense of what I have just witnessed. Did I actually see fangs? I must have imagined them.

“Raphael, she’s only a child,” Harry cries in the background. Still looking at me, Raphael holds his finger out to Harry as if to tell him to be quiet, but instead, Harry passes out and crumples forward onto the floor. Without so much as a glance, Raphael sidesteps him as he falls and then steps over him once he has landed. He slowly makes his way towards me.



Innocent trainee estate agent Rosannah hasn’t given any man so much as a sniff. But everything changes when she meets Raphael Monstrum, a gorgeous, hunky bachelor whose home and life are surrounded by curious rumours. What happens when Rosannah stumbles upon something that she wasn’t meant to? With Raphael claiming he’s a vampire, Rosannah is plunged into a dark and dangerous world that threatens to swallow her forever. Can she escape before it’s too late? And is Raphael telling the truth, or is he just insane? All the answers lie with the mysterious Monstrum household.

Contains adult themes and sexually explicit content. Not for the faint hearted. Contains cliffhangers.


face of a young male vampire close up


Review Quotes:

“This book is Intense, funny, sexy, believable in many ways and also has a softness to it along with the romance and lust of a good vampire character.” Confident Adult

“This read is certainly a unique in its own way. I have read many books in this Genre but none have achieved what this book has. Even still, 2 days after finishing reading the book I want more.. So much so that I am tempted to re read already.” Cooks Books

“This was a fabulous start to the series that has left me desperate for more.
I finished this book in a day I could put it down.
I need to no what’s going to happen next.” Tish, Goodreads